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may 2002

saturday 4 may was some kind of world cannabis day, and those who could still stand made it down to kennington and marched down through stockwell & brixton to brockwell park, were we we danced, ate, drank and did all the kind of things people do at festies.
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sunday 5 i had a day with the family & we went to kew gardens, partly to look at the largest flower which had been hitting the headlines early in the week with its enormous erection. by sunday it had done its stuff and detumenesced.

we spent a relatively lazy afternoon strolling around the garden, looking at the japanese house & so on.
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6 may was bank holiday monday & i started with a walk round kings cross to see how the redevelopment there is going. the site which used to have the famous gas holders was just an empty hole in the ground
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then to trafalgar sq for a large pro-israel rally on . it was quite crowded and i was pleased to see evidence that some of those attending were trying to take a balanced view.
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there were a few arguments and scuffles, but the largest surprise for me was the almost total lack of black coated orthodox jews in the crowds.

then i went to photograph the counter demonstration at the south-west corner of the square, only to find a group of orthodox jews arm in arm with the palestinians and others demonstrating against zionism.
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on 12 may i went to the rally in trafalgar sq against attacks on assylum rights. there were a good number of speakers but a shortage of audience, with only a few hundred making it look very empty.
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on the may 16 it was a nice day for a bike ride and i explored a little of deepest middlesex.
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18 may was a national demo for justice for Palestine called by palestine solidarity campaign. i arrived at speakers corner for the start of the march just in time to see another photographer getting hassled for taking pictures of a muslim group.

fortunately there were few other such incidents, and the main problem was the crowding in trafalgar sq, making it difficult to move or photograph.
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on the 19 may i accompanied linda on a sponsored walk around city churches in aid of christian aid, then went and took a few pictures in the city.
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may 25 i was back in the west end again, and also went and took pictures of the new hungerford bridge, then a palestinian solidarity march coming up whitehall to trafalgar sq.
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may ended for me with a friday in finsbury park, though mainly not in the park itself. one of London's more interesting areas, now attempting to pull itself up by its bootstraps. ethnically diverse - as some of my pictures hint. Its also one of the liveliest areas for the fashion industry, but I left most of that for another day.
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