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april 2002

on april 6 there was a demonstration by supporters of iraq, calling for the lifting of sanctions and also against saddam. other banners were against any possible invasion by the usa, but the main call was for the israelis to get out of palestine. the demonstrators were almost entirely Muslim. i marched part of the way with them before having to go home.
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london arts cafe held a city walk on april 12 starting at the millenium bridge and looking at some of the more interesting aspects of the city. I particularly enjoyed going to a couple of viewpoints on the city - the tower of St Mary-le-Bow (fortunately the bells weren't ringing) and Shakespeare tower in the Barbican.
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on april 13 there was a large march mainly of muslims in support of the palestinians. although planned some time ahead, it was made more timely by an israeli offensive against palestinian towns and refugee camps, sparked off by more suicide bomb attacks.

as usual, the police estimate of 15,000 marchers seemed rather small given the crowds streaming down park lane.

speakers in trafalgar square included 4 mps as well as muslim community leaders and others
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bruce kent was one of small group keeping a vigil outside the US embassy in solidarity with american protestors on 20 april. also protesting there were a group calling for the release of the miami five.

april 28 i had agreed to take a group of photographers for a walk in docklands, i'm not sure why. photography isn't about making pictures, but about having things to say through pictures, and that means photographing things you have a point of view about. i didn't just walk into docklands because the environment excited me visually, but because i thought it in some ways illustrated some of the things that are wrong with society and how it is organised, and that it was important to record the changes that were happening there. of course this may not come over directly in a single image, or even a small group of pictures, but may perhaps emerge in the work over a considerable period. so my photography isn't just about what i saw on a walk on a particular day, but about what i've recorded over the twenty or so years i've been taking pictures there.
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demonstrators call for arrest of sharon as a war criminal       more pictures

view from the tower of St Mary-le-Bow           more pictures

trafalgar sq, 13 april       
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Bruce Kent outside us embassy, grosvenor sq, 20 april

Blackwall, London       more pictures

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