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mar 2002

the Stop the War, Hands off Iraq demonstration on 2 march as a large sign of public opinion. people were still leaving hyde park at the start of the march when trafalgar square was full to overflowing two and a half hours later.

police estimates of the number were risible as usual - and can only reflect an attempt to marginalise the significant body of opinion opposed to the war or a complete mathematical inability on behalf of the police.

tony benn told us it wasn't worth taking his picture - 'it won't get in the papers unless i go and kick a policeman' but he didn't and was quite right
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the 8 march is a world woman's day and was celebrated by some as a global women's strike. the march in london stopped outside key sites including the war office and world bank for speeches.
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9 march was the occasion of an annual march from the chinese embassy to whitehall to protest against chinese occupation of Tibet. among those taking part were those who had been imprisoned by the chinese for their protests in Tibet.
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st patrick's day was celebrated on a large scale in london for the first time (thanks to mayor ken) with a parade from westminster cathedral to trafalgar square followed by much singing and a certain amount of drinking to celebrate the event
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climate change is a threat to our continued existence on the planet. actions such as bush rejecting kyoto are grossly irresponsible, putting the short term interests of US companies before the planet. hence the demo with bush in bed with the esso tiger.

the Crucifixion on victoria street has become an annual Good Friday event, with a parade by roughly a thousand people from methodist central hall down to the catholic cathedral and back to westminster abbey with stops to worship on the way

at least this year there were fewer photographers and they did not create as much disruption as in previous years
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the following day - 30 mar - saw another large anti-war rally, organised by CND as an anti star wars rally, but in part overtaken by the events in Palestine. again my estimate of the number involved would be roughly 5-10 times the police figures
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george galloway mp at the start of the march in hyde park         
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global women's strike          more pictures

tibetan nun imprisoned for protest in tibet          more pictures

st patrick's day in trafalgar sq          more pictures

campaign for climate change - bush in bed with the esso tiger

good friday - the crucifixion on victoria st         
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palestinian supporters, no star wars/stop the war demonstration    
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