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Extinction Rebellion roadblock

Parliament Square. London. Sat 31 Oct 2018

Police arrest campaigner Donnachadh McCarthy for continuing to block the road in protest
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After making the 'Declaration of Rebellion' against the British Government for its criminal inaction in the face of climate change catastrophe and ecological collapse people moved onto the roadway in front of Parliament and blocked it with a further rally there for an hour and a half.

They listened to speeches by George Monbiot and Green Party MP Caroline Lucas and there were songs and poems. A number of activists brought large wreaths and lay down with them, with several lock-ons. Police tried to clear the road, but the protesters ignored them, taking a show of hands to remain blocking the road for another half hour.

Most left the road after a closing address by George Monbiot, but several small groups decided to remain on the road, including Donnachadh McCarthy and George Monbiot. Police immediately warned them they would be arrested if they did not move, and by the time I left around half an hour later 15 arrests had been made, including of McCarthy, while some others agreed to leave the road. By then poiice had managed to clear all except one lane of the road where the lock-on was still in progress.
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Extinction Rebellion rally

Parliament Square. London. Sat 31 Oct 2018

Schoolgirl Greta Thunberg sat down outside the Swedish Parliament instead of going back to school
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A protest in Parliament Square heard speeches from climate activists including Swedish schoolgirl Greta Thunberg, campaigner Donnachadh McCarthy, Labour MP Clive Lewis and economist and Green MEP Molly Scott Cato before making a 'Declaration of Rebellion' against the British Government for its criminal inaction in the face of climate change catastrophe and ecological collapse.

They declared the non-violent rebellion on behalf of life itself "in accordance with our conscience and a clear duty to our children; our communities; this nation and planet" and said they can no longer stand idly by given the prospect of unimaginable suffering brought about by climate breakdown and social collapse, and call for a nationwide day of action on November 17th.

They were particularly inflamed by the complete lack of any mention of climate change in this week's budget, which included various measures which will increase global warming.
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Canada Goose's cruelty to animals

Regent St, London. Sat 27 Oct 2018

A campaigner holds a bloody goose and another shows video evidence
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Campaigners show videos and hand out leaflets against animal cruelty in the continuing series of protests outside the Regent St London flagship store of Canada Goose, which campaigners say has cruelty to animals hiding in every stitch.

The protests which began there last November and have continued there every Tuesday and Saturday since. Canada Goose uses fur trims using trapped wild coyotes, which the campaigners say often suffer for days in cruel traps, facing blood loss, dehydration, frostbite, gangrene and attacks by predators, some even trying to chew off their own trapped limbs to escape before a trapper returns to strangle, stamp or bludgeon them to death. Campaigners allege their down-filled jackets use feathers from ducks and geese which have their throats slit and are often still alive and feeling pain when dumped into scalding hot water for feather removal.
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20th UFFC remembrance rally

Downing St, Whitehall, London. Sat 27 Oct 2018

Marcia Rigg speaks about her long fight to get the truth about her brother's killing by Brixton police
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After the slow procession down Whitehall, the rally took place on one lane of the road, with traffic slowly passing on the outside lane. It featured speakers from many of the bereaved families, who had moving stories, largely a damning indictment of the lies and deception of police and their lack of respect for the bodies of their loved ones and the feelings of the bereaved.

They included speakers about Sheku Bayoh (killed by police in Kirkcaldy, Fife in May 2015), Winston Augustine (died in HMP Wormwood Scrubs in August 2018), Derek Bennett (shot by police in Brixton in July 2001), Kingsley Burrell (killed by police in Birmingham in March 2011), Marc Cole (tasered by police in Falmouth in May 2017), Sarah Reed (died in HMP Holloway in January 2016), Leon Patterson (beaten to death in a a Stockport police cell in 1992), Mikey Powell (killed by West Midlands Police in September 2003), Leroy Junior Medford (killed by police near Reading in April 2017), Mark Duggan (shot by police in August 2011), Marcia Rigg's detailed description of the treatment of her brother Sean Rigg by Brixton police in 2008 was particularly disturbing, and her long fight to find how he died has made clear the incredible lengths of obstruction and lying the police use to to avoid justice.

A small deputation went to deliver letters to Theresa May at Downing St, but were refused entry as those responsible for security had apparently lost the application to do so made two months earlier in what felt like a deliberate expression of contempt. Police at the gate took the letters promising to hand them on.
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20th UFFC remembrance procession

Trafalgar Sq & Whitehall, London. Sat 27 Oct 2018
Marcia Rigg and Kadisha Brown-Burrell in front of the march down Whitehall

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The United Families and Friends Campaign (UFFC), a coalition of of people killed by police, in prisons, in immigration detention and in secure psychiatric hospitals meet in Trafalgar Square and make their 20th annual march of remembrance at a funereal pace to Downing St.

Many have banners or t-shirts with the names of their loved ones who died either through negligence or deliberate violence. Although thousands have died under suspicious circumstances since 1990, official figures have failed to record many of the deaths as having taken place in custody and those responsible have lied or withheld evidence, investigations have often been superficial and inquests have been used to hush up evidence and not one of those responsible have been convicted of murder or manslaughter.
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Fridays for Future - act on climate change

Parliament Square, London, UK. Fri 26 Oct 2018
Elsie Luna who produces The Politics Podcast for Young People in the UK
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A protest in parliament square calls for urgent action to avoid the worst consequences of climate change.

The protest was the first in London as a part of #FridaysForFuture taking place in many cities and towns across the world, and in particular celebrated the recent action of 15-year old Greta Thunberg who instead of going back to school at the end of the Summer break in August protested outside the Swedish Parliament, breaking the law to start the School Strike For Climate.

The event hosted by Extinction Rebellion began under the statue of Millicent Fawcett, but moved to the pavement at the front of Parliament Square at the insistence of GLA wardens who enforce the bylaws.
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Support self-employed parental leave

Old Palace Yard, London, UK. Fri 26 Oct 2018

As W C Fields advised, "Never work with Children of Animals" as they steal the show

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A photocall outside parliament marked the day when the 2nd reading of Tracy Brabin MP's #SelfieLeave bill was listed, which would give self-employed parents access to shared parental leave and pay.

The protest was supported by members of Equity, UK Music, the Music Producers Guild and the Musicians Union. Currently women are forced to be the main carer, regardless of circumstances and fathers are denied any paid leave to look after their children, reinforcing outdated stereotypes and causing stress for thousands of families.

The bill would address the issue at no additional cost to the exchequer as the existing entitlement to Maternity Allowance for self-employed women would simply be shared with a partner, but unfortunately it was not given its second reading.
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Scrap the ICP Contract, Keep the NHS Public

Westminster, London, UK. Fri 26 Oct 2018

Campaigners hand over the petition at the Dept of Health

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Campaigners supporting the NHS and Eleanor Smith's private members bill due for its second reading today called for the scrapping of plans for Integrated Care Providers which aims to break up the NHS into smaller business units which would be competed for by private sector organisations in a backdoor privatisation of our National Health Service.

The introduction of ICPs is being driven by NHS England under CEO Simon Stevens, previously a senior executive of the giant US healthcare and health insurance company United Health Group.

The protest was organised by Keep Our NHS public, Health Campaigns Together and We Own It, and after a rally with speeches the campaigners marched to deliver a petition to the Dept of Health. Unfortunately the bill was not given a second reading.
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Justice For Jamal Khashoggi & Yemen

Mayfair, London. Thu 25 Oct 2018

A man points a bone saw towards another in Arab dress outside the Saudi embassy
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A protest outside the Saudi Embassy in London calls for all those responsible for the horrific murder and dismembering of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, including Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman who is thought to have approved sending the death squad to the consulate in the Turkish city of Istanbul, to be brought to justice.

The protest, called by the Arab Organisation of Human Rights, the Stop the War Coalition the Bahrain Institute for Rights and Democracy and Global Rights Watch, also demanded an end to the bombing in the Saudi-backed war in Yemen and for the UK to immediately stop arms sales to Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi Embassy was guarded on this street by four armed police officers, a pair at each of its gates, who watched as the protest set up. More police arrived as it was starting, adopting what seemed to be an unnecessarily officious approach to both protesters and press, and I was threatened with arrest for obstruction of the highway. The protesters refused to move further from the embassy to the opposite side of the street, but carried their loudspeakers back across to the opposite side when police told them they must.

The speeches were made on the far side of the road, though as this meant that the speakers were now pointing towards the embassy, they would have been more audible to those inside and their security staff in the embassy garden. After a number of speeches before a woman come down the street with three men in Arab dress on leads, one carrying a bone saw. It wasn't too clear exactly who the three were supposed to represent, but it did add some visual impact to the event, which finished shortly after.
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Act Up prepare for Bohemian Rhapsody

Wembley, London. Tue 23 Oct 2018

Activists prepare to protest at the premiere of Bohemian Rhapsody
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Activists from ACT UP LONDON and the NHS ANTI-SWINDLE TEAM went to the Wembly Arena to protest at the premiere of the Freddie Mercury biopic Bohemian Rhapsody which they say fails to show the huge contribution that sexuality, the AIDS crisis and the stigma associated had on Freddie Mercury's life.

Unfortunately although I was able to photograph them preparing to go into the enclosure I was unable to photograph the actual protest where they chanted their
revised version of ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ called ‘Don’t Cut Me Now.’ Another photographer and a videographer were able to get past security and take pictures.
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People's Vote March - End

Whitehall, London. Sat 20 Oct 2018

Marchers come to a halt in front of Downing St
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Many on the People's Vote March march failed to get into Parliament Square which was soon crowded and ended their protest in Whitehall or at Trafalgar Square.

Marchers called for a vote to give the final say on the Brexit deal or failure to get a deal. They say the new evidence which has come out since the referendum makes it essential to get a new mandate from the people to leave the EU.
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Veterans United Against Suicide

Ministry of Defence, London. Sat 20 Oct 2018

A veteran stands wearing his medals holding a poster about PTSD
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Veterans United Against Suicide protested outside the Ministry of Defence calling for more to be done to help service men and veterans in the fight against their developing PTSD and eventually committing suicide.

At least 47 current forces personnel and veterans have committed suicide this year, though the actual figure is thought to be considerably higher. The campaigners want the Ministry of Defence to take PTSD much more seriously and ensure that all current and former members of the services are aware of the threat of PTSD and can obtain effective counseling if necessary both when serving and after they have left the military service.

The lorry being used as a platform also displayed a large banner supporting the soldier discharged for standing with Tommy Robinson in a photo used to publicise his extreme right-wing views. While I was listening a speaker was condemning a major forces charity, accusing it of fraud and failure to act over the mental health problems of serving and former members of the armed forces.
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People's Mujahedin of Iran

Downing St, London. Sat 20 Oct 2018
A man dressed as an Iranian cleric stands with two gibbets ready with rope nooses
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Behind a banner 'Democracy in Iran With Maryam Rajavi', the People's Mujahedin of Iran held a protest against the repressive current regime in Iran, with gibbets and three women held in a prison cell illustrating the reign of terror there and calling for an end to executions there, posters reminded us that the Iranian regime is the world record holder for executions.

Rajavi, the leader of the PMOI, has set out a 10-point manifesto calling for a modern legal system, gender equality and political and social rights in Iran is President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), based in France, and the organisation has a military base in Albania, where they were moved by the US from Iraq with a $20m donation to the UN for their resettlement in 2016.

The PMOI, also known as the MEK, appears to have little or no support in Iran, although some members are thought to be engaged in terrorist activities there, but is backed by US agencies as the preferred future government for the country. As a lengthy article on Wikipedia relates, there are many allegations about human rights abuses against its own members and its fraudulent money laundering and other financial arrangements, and in 2001 the Charity Commission closed down its UK fake charity Iran Aid after it could find no link between the £5m annual donations in the UK and any charitable work in Iran. It is said to receive funding from Saudi Arabia and the USA. Most information about the PMOI is heavily disputed.
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MfJ at People's Vote March

Hyde Park Corner, London. Sat 20 Oct 2018
MfJ protested noisily at the very front of those waiting to march with banner and posters
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Movement for Justice protested on Piccadilly in front of the People's Vote March calling for an end to Brexit, which they is racist.

MfJ call for an end to the scapegoating of immigrants and an end to the hostile environment which is ripping families apart. They demand an amnesty for all people already present in the country and to an extension of freedom of movement to include the Commonwealth.

They protested in front of the official banner leading the march along with more than a thousand protesters who were on the roadway in front of that main banner. The march start was delayed but eventually it began. By the time I came back to the front of it MfJ had gone.
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People's Vote March - Start

Hyde Park Corner, London. Sat 20 Oct 2018
Many feel that the referendum result was achieved by lies and deception on a criminal scale
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People with placards, banners and flags on the People's Vote March calling for a vote to give the final say on the Brexit deal or failure to get a deal as the march leaves Hyde Park Corner.

They say the new evidence which has come out since the referendum makes it essential to get a new mandate from the people to leave the EU. Not only do we now have a much better idea of what Brexit might mean, but there is also a great deal more evidence about how people were misled into voting leave, and the criminality involved in the campaign.
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Mail group end your transphobic hate

Daily Mail, Kensington, London. Fri 19 Oct 2018

The protest followed transphobic hate features in The Metro and other Mail papers
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Protesters outside the Daily Mail building followed articles demonising trans people, particularly trans women, in The Metro which they publish, and their printing an advertisement campaign for the hate group, "Fair Play for Women".

Protesters say that these attacks on the trans community will hurt the most marginalised - trans women, working class trans people and trans people of colour - who are also the most likely to be in need of the services that such hateful campaigners seek to deny them.

Thousands have complained about The Metro, and the picket today was organised by Sister Not Cister UK. The protesters stood with banners, posters and placards in front of the Daily Mail entrance and shouted slogans calling on the company to end its campaign of transphobic hatred. After around half an hour they let off a number of smoke flares to colourful effect. I left soon after although more people were coming to join in the protest.
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Olympic Park walk

Stratford to Hackney Wick, London. Fri 19 Oct 2018

Hackney Wick is now getting covered by expensive flats
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Pictures from a walk from Stratford station into the former Olympic park (now renamed the QE Olympic park) and through to Hackney Wick, on to Fish Island and ending with a few pictures from the bus I caught going along the Roman Rd.

As usual the images are a mix of extreme wide cylindrical perspective images and less wide views with rectilinear perspective. Almost all were taken using the normal 35mm 1.5:1 format, with just a few either taken in 16:9 format or cropped to my normal panoramic 1.9:1 ratio.

The walk took me through one of the wilder areas of the new park and then across one of its bleaker areas before leading to the footbridge across the canal to Wallis Road. I then walked down to White Posts Lane and then alongside the canal to the footbridge to Fish Island. From Dace Road I walked up the steps to Wick Lane and then across the footbridge to Old Ford Road where I caught a bus to Bethnal Green Station.
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BEIS refuse International Rescue climate help

Dept Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy. Fri 19 Oct 2018

Neil Godwin holds up an International Rescue placard 'Fracking Awful Business' at BEIS
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'Commander Neil Godwin Tracy' of International Rescue came from Tracy Island carrying his ship Thunderbird 2 to the Dept for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) in London to offer his organisation's assistance to produce policies which which recognise the desperate need to cut carbon emissions to avoid disastrous global warming and climate change by banning all fracking.

Security staff at the ministry, which campaigners allege has spent more time on changing its name than developing sensible policies, refused to allow him to enter or to lock himself to the doors.

Commander Godwin then attempted to paste a poster with the International Rescue logo to the front wall of the building, but security came and removed poster and paste as he was putting it in place and then left. The ever resourceful Commander had a second poster, with the message 'Fracking Awful Business' which he stuck on in its place. Apparently police later asked him to remove it, and he did.
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Mike Seaborne Isle of Dogs

George Green’s School, London, Thu 18 Oct 2018

Mike Seaborne speaks at the launch of his book , ‘The Isle of Dogs: Before the big money‘
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I've written about this already on my >Re:PHOTO blog, so will write no more here.
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Greenwich Walk

North Greenwich to Greenwich, Thu 18 Oct 2018

Tires at Bay Wharf
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Together (for at least part of the way before one got lost) I walked with three other photographers from North Greenwich station to the centre of Greenwich along the riverside path before going for a meal and then on to a friend's book launch on the Isle of Dogs.

I first walked along here back in 1980, and have done so a number of times since, though in recent years much of the riverside path has been closed as the old wharves are being replaced by luxury flats. It is still an interesting walk, though it has lost virtually all of the industrial interest it once had. A River Thames that is rapidly becoming lined by new and largely characterless buildings is at times a sad state, but there still remain some liminal landscapes and surprising vistas.

The pictures, many taken through fences like that above, are a mixture of extreme wide-angle panoramic views - usually around 145 degrees - in a non-rectilinear perspective, some cropped to a more panoramic format, others not and more conventional images using the normal camera rectilinear perspective.
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No More Grenfells - Make Tower Blocks Safe

Marsham St, London. Wed 17 Oct 2018

Housing campaigners call for removal of unsafe cladding and proper insulation
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A protest outside the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government by residents living in tower blocks covered in Grenfell-style cladding demanded that the government make all tower-block homes safe and warm.

At the end of the rally by Fuel Poverty Action, an open letter with over 140 signatures from MPs, councillors, trade unions, academics and other organisations was taken to James Brokenshire demanding swift action from the government to replace combustible cladding on all tower blocks and address systemic fire-safety risks inside tower-blocks.

They also demand that residents where cladding is being replaced must not be left to freeze or face astronomical heating bills while the cladding is being replaced. The letter also asks that all new developments and refurbishments to be effectively monitored and inspected by authorities that are independent, and legally accountable, and that a simple and fast way for residents' concerns should be established.

It calls for Grenfell survivors to be given immediate safe, good, permanent housing in their area of choice and for no deportations of affected individuals and that criminal charges be laid against those responsible for the fire, and warns that unless the standards and practices that led to the Grenfell disaster are stopped more lives will be lost.
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March for Further Education

Waterloo Place to Parliament, London. Wed 17 Oct 2018

At he front of the march as it goes past Trafalgar Square
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Staff and students from Further Education Colleges across the country meet in Waterloo Place to march to a rally in Parliament Square calling for the vital work that FE Colleges do to be recognised and properly funded.

The #Loveourcolleges action called for funding to allow the colleges to do their job properly and to pay teachers on comparable rates to their colleagues in schools and Higher Education. FE has long been under funded compared to schools and HE despite the important role it plays in educating students and giving them the skills they need to support business, communities and the wider economy.

The National Day of Action is supported by the University and College Union, the Association of Colleges, UNISON, the National Education Union, Unite, GMB, the National Union of Students, the Association of School and College Lecturers and the TUC.
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Ahwazi protest Iranian repression

Parliament Square, London. Sat 13 Oct 2018

The flag was first used by Al Ahwaz in 1920, when the area enjoyed considerable autonomy from Persia

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Ahwazi protesters walk into Parliament Square carrying flags Ahwaz independence flags and protested noisily facing the Houses of Parliament calling for Iran to end the repression of their people and to get out of their land.

Al Ahwaz, the northern side of the Persian Gulf was under British control until 1925, with the population enjoying considerable autonomy as Arabistan. The emirate was dissolved by the Persian regime following a rebellion in 1924 and the area occupied by Persian troops, and a process of 'Persianisation' imposed on the area, attempting to destroy it's Arab culture, and they renamed the area Khuzestan.

Unrest and insurgency have continued since then, and discrimination against the Ahwazi increased under the Islamic Regime, impoverishing the area which contains much of Iran's natural resources, particularly oil, which has also resulted in the area being one of the most polluted in the world.

There has been widespread civil unrest since 2015, with massive protests this April on the anniversary of the 2011 Ahwaz Day of Rage, itself an anniversary of the 2005 unrest. On September 22nd, militants from the Ahwaz National Resistance opened fire on an Iranian Revolutionary Guard parade in the city of Ahvaz, killing 25 soldiers and civilians (for which Daesh also claimed responsibility.)
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Rally opposes Islamophobic DFLA

Parliament St, London. Sat 13 Oct 2018

People listen to speeches in Parliament St
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A rally in London close to where the racist, Islamophobic DFLA were ending their march on Whitehall brings together various groups to stand in solidarity with the communities the DFLA attacks.

The event was organised by Stand Up To Racism and Unite Against Fascism. The DFLA had not arrived by the time I left, as more militant anti-fascist protesters had blocked the march route. Their numbers, rather smaller than expected, were greatly diminished by the time some reached their rally point in Whitehall, with many having diverted into pubs along the way where they were also met by anti-fascists who went to argue with them.

A handful of DFLA supporters walked though St James's Park and shouted at the protest from behind a police line separating them from the SUTR/UAF protest, but police soon persuaded them to move away. It didn't seem worth taking pictures.
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National Funeral for the Unknown Cyclist

London. Sat 13 Oct 2018

The die-in in front of the Houses of Parliament
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A funeral procession of cyclists behind a horse-drawn hearse highlighted the failure of governments from all the major parties to take comprehensive action on safer cycling.

Stop Killing Cyclists call for £3 billion a year to be invested in a national protected cycling network and for urgent action to reduce the toxic air pollution from diesel and petrol vehicles which kills tens of thousands of people every year, and disables hundreds of thousands.

The several hundred protesters staged a ten-minute die-in outside Parliament before moving off to a rally in Smith Square, and I left them to go elsewhere.
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Guantanamo Justice Campaign October Vigil

Parliament Square, London. Wed 10 Oct 2018

Protesters in orange jump-suits with banners and posters remind Parliament that Guantanamo must close
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The Guantanamo Justice Campaign hold another monthly vigil opposite Parliament calling on UK Prime Minister Theresa May to make urgent representations to President Trump to close Guantanamo and end the brutality and torture which is continuing against the 40 men still held there in indefinite detention.

They call on Trump to respect human rights and international law, stating that the illegal camp is a legal and moral outrage and a symbol of US torture and injustice.



Women against Pension Theft

Hyde Park, London. Wed 10 Oct 2018
Thieves stole our pensions so we're coming to get them back!
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Women from groups campaigning for women born in the 1950s to regain the pensions stolen from them under successive governments, including The Waspi Campaign (Women Against State Pension Inequality), Back to 60, We Paid In, You Pay Out and others came together for the 'Shoulder to Shoulder' rally in Hyde Park before going to protest outside Parliament and lobby MPs.

The loss of pensions following the 1995 Conservative Government’s Pension Act, worsened by the 2011 Pension Acts, affects some 3.8 million women who have lost up to six years State Pension - for many over £40,000. They complain that the changes were brought in with little or no personal notice and faster than initially promised.

The protest took place on the 115th anniversary of Emmeline Pankhurst founding the 'Women's Social and Political Union (WSPU) and many attending wore suffragette colours and costumes.

The 10th October is also World Mental Health Day and a report has shown that significant proportions of women who have lost out have contemplated suicide or self-harming.
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Harlesden Protest against Police Brutality

Harlesden, London. Tue 9 Oct 2018

The final speech by Brian Richardson of Stand Up To Racism before the rally ended
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People gather for a rally outside the New Atlas Cafe Restaurant where a young black man was attacked by police who used obviously unnecessary force when arresting him on suspicion of having been involved in a knife attack.

He was assaulted by six officers, and was viciously kicked while officers struggled to handcuff him, and when he was well under control and held on the ground he was sprayed in the face with CS gas. 23 year old Kamar Hewitt had been seen smoking cannabis by the police and was detained for questioning about the knife attack, but later eliminated from the investigation.

The incident was recorded by one of a crowd of bystanders who watched the assault and viewed widely on social media, where the police behaviour attracted considerable criticism for being overly confrontational, making use of excessive violence rather than simply trying to subdue and handcuff the subject, and the use of a CS gas spray at close range into the face of a man already securely held on the ground which seemed completely unjustifiable.

Police have a difficult job to do, but they do not make it easier by alienating the community with attacks like this, witnessed by a small crowd on the street and by thousands on-line. I can only hope that suitable disciplinary action will be taken against the officers concerned - and that the officer who used the CS spray is charged and convicted of assault. There should be no place in our police force for this kind of action and I hope that it is not covered up as so often seems to be the case.

Speakers at the event, organised by North West London Stand Up To Racism, condemned the police for the gratuitous use of violence and the racist attitudes that underlies picking on this and other young black men which has led to the deaths of Rashan Charles and Edson da Costa and many others. They called for the community - black and white - to unite to fight racism and for a truly accountable police force cleansed of institutional racism.
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Unstone and Apperknowle

Derbyshire. Sat 6 Oct 2018

Linda walks down the road - with hills and Dronfield in the distance
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We had time on Saturday afternoon to take a short walk from Unstone Grange where we were at a conference.

We walked up Crow Lane to Apperknowle, and then climbed up Barrack Rd through the village and on up to High St (which is higher than most of the streets but not like most High Streets) turning right along that to the Methodist Chapel. The footpath by that took us to Snowden Lane and we came back down Moor Top Lane and into Apperknowle. It was fairly clear and there were distant views from our route to the east, south and west.

Linda had to hurry back for a meeting, but I had time to wander around the village for a while before going back to Unstone Grange and taking some pictures in the garden.
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Sheffield, Yorkshire. Fri 5 & Sun 7 Oct 2018

Park Hill flats, Sheffield
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Getting the cheapest possible train tickets for the journey to and from Sheffield meant that we had a few hours to spend in Sheffield both on the Friday and the Sunday as we made our way to Unstone Grange. So we went for a couple of walks and I took a few photographs of Sheffield's buildings and streets.

On the Friday we walked out of the centre and along the river on part of what is called the Five Weirs Walk before returning to the town centre to catch a bus as it began to pour with rain.

The weather was brighter on Sunday, when we chose to walk around parts of the town centre.
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Derek Ridgers Opening & Book Launch

Truman Brewery, London. Thu 4 Oct 2018

Derek (right) prepares to sign a copy of his latest book
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Derek Ridgers is deservedly well known for his many pictures taken for the music press, particularly NME, over many years and for his documentation of some of London's young urban subcultures, particularly in the 1980s and 1990s, though of course he is still working.

I've known Derek from his early years in photography, when we both regularly attended meetings of a small group of photographers who got together most months to bring our current work and to criticise - no holds barred - and advise each other. It was a tough school and I think we all learnt much from it.

I'm delighted to see the publication and acclaim his work is now getting, and there were some fine examples on the wall at this pop-up show, as well as some bargain prints and the new large format book.

Derek's work attracts a rather different group of people to those I more often photograph, and I took quite a few photographs of some of them. I've written more about this in Derek Ridgers at Old Truman Brewery on >Re:Photo, accompanied there by a few of the same pictures, though most I've processed rather better here.
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Vedanta's Final AGM

Lincoln's Inn Fields, London. Mon 1 Oct 2018

Miriam Rose of Foil Vedanta and a protester holds a poster 'Justice for Thoothukudi'
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Foil Vedanta activists celebrate the final AGM in London of mining company Vedanta house after the company de-listed from the London Stock Exchange.

Vedanta de listed under pressure from politicians and activists following the Thoothukudi massacre in Tamil Nadu in May in which 13 protesters were killed and dozens injured, and the success of grassroots activism which has shut down Vedanta’s operations in Goa, Tuticorin and Niyamgiri.

A few days earlier the Foil Vedanta had released their report ‘Vedanta’s Billions: Regulatory failure, environment and human rights’ with a comprehensive account of the company’s crimes in all of its operations, and of the City of London’s total failure to regulate Vedanta, or any other criminal mining company and revealing the vast scale of tax evasion and money laundering.

Vedanta Boss Anil Agarwal stayed away from the meeting along with most shareholders, and company staff arrived hours earlier to avoid the protest by protesters opposite the meeting. A number of campaigners hold a single share in the company and so were able to attend the AGM and ask questions while the others continued to protest noisily outside.

London Images

October 2018

Market Place, near Oxford Circus
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A few pictures from the Regent's canal, and some of London's best-known landmarks mainly taken from the top deck of buses as well as some rather more obscure images.
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