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All pictures on this site are © 1999-2011, Peter Marshall. High resolution versions are available for reproduction. Contact me for permission to reproduce or to buy prints. Fees are required for any commercial use, but payment may be waived for acceptable non-profit use. Please also contact me about events you are organising that you think I might be interested in - and also consider commissioning me to cover them.
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what is my london diary?

my london diary is a picture library of my photographs of london and london events, with work currently on line from 1999 to the present day.

pictures of demonstrations, marches, and other street events in london. peace and anti-war marches, student fees, animal rights, gay pride, cannabis legalisation, jewish and muslim protests, palestinians, kurds ...

london's events and festivals - notting hill carnival, st patricks day, the italian street festival in clerkenwell ...

traditional events such as the lord mayor's show in the city of london, pearly kings and queens...

shops, christmas decorations, transport, housing; places, buildings, streets, areas and of course the rivers - particularly the river thames and river lea...

docklands and other changing areas...

i'm trying to photograph london and life in all of london, not just tourists' london, london's east end, west end, inner london, outer london, london suburbs...

i can only show a small proportion of the several hundred thousand pictures i've made of london since the mid 1970s on line. use the search form at the top of the pages to find things on this site, but you will also find other work on my
london pictures and
londons industrial history sites. if you want to publish or buy prints of anything shown here - or other aspects of the city which i may have available, please contact me.

my london diary is a record of wanderings in and around london, camera in hand, adding up to one of the largest and possibly the best picture library of photographs of the city, urban life and urban landscapes.

and some of my comments which may be related to these - or not

things i've found and perhaps things people tell me.

this site is london, part of my life,

pictures, arranged day by day, ordered by month and year,

put online when i get round to it, sometimes within days, sometimes much later.

some of my work gets put into nice organised web sites

you can see more of my work at:

urban landscapes

london pictures

londons industrial history

lee valley/river lea/river lee

and you can read what I think about photography at



All pictures on this site are Copyright © 1999-2019 Peter Marshall ; all rights reserved.
for licences to reproduce pictures or to buy prints or comment on the work,

contact me

Payment may be waived for acceptable non-profit use by unfunded bodies.
But organisations that pay any staff should also pay photographers.



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Events before 2000 may be in the london pictures site.







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