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september 2001

there is always something happening in brick lane, and the festival there means crowds, stalls in the street and music. trans-global underground made a great sound in allen gardens.

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this is the only the second time I've seen deptford carnival, and unlike many others it seems to be alive and kicking.

there were some great people there from Nottingham as well as several more local groups. some time I'll get round to printing the colour stuff I took.
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on my way to and from an opening at Trinity Buoy Wharf I took some more pictures of the Lea. The show was by artist Stephen Turner who had tied canvases down to be covered by the tide and these were on show. The installation in a half-flooded darkened room with the canvases lit from behind was impressive. I was invited because he had used a couple of my panoramas in the research book he made.
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waltham abbey is the home of the royal gunpowder works, now open to the public as a museum. I went with a group from london arts cafe and as well as the normal areas open to the public we were able to visit some of the other areas.

after the visit we wandered along to look at the abbey itself and its grounds.
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22 sept was both no car day in greenwich and also open house day in london. i took advantage of this to take a trip around greenwich college and the queen's house in the maritime museum, as well as taking pictures of the events on the traffic free streets.
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the legalise cannabis demonstration started from hyde park where rob (mr free rob cannabis in court) was giving a talk on the benefits of the herb. After distributing some free and starting a large pipe to pass round, he began a charity cannabis auction. the bill weren't too happy about this, but didn't arrest him until later, when most of us had decided to start the march.

most of us made it to trafalgar square and i think there were some speeches.
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took some docklands pictures too, as Heron Quays station was closing at the end of the month for redevelopment.
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Brick Lane festival, 2 sept 2001

Greenwich, 22 Sept 2001

Free Rob Cannabis asks for bid for some Afghan Pollen, Hyde Park, 29 Sept

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