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february 2001

this is an office building some may recognise, as it is next to the M25 not far from where I live in Staines. I was trying to take some panoramas, with blurred cars and light trails coming off the M25 slip road between me and the building. This was just a quick snap on digital.

its one of a number of new office buildings in the area, close to Heathrow in the Thames Valley.


there is still much flooded land around Staines, with both the Thames and the many streams of the Colne. Much of it in this area is deliberate, and is often the result of developments that have blocked or diverted waterways. Our walk around Wraysbury led round several possible sites for the signing of the Magna Carta, a charter that gave the rich rights against the king, rather than freedom for the people.

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We went past what is possibly the oldest tree in England, with an impressive trunk, King John's oak, after having failed to make our way along a flooded riverside path. It doesn't look much until you get close and can see the size of its trunk - as the further pictures show.

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crossways is a large office development near the southern end of the Dartford Bridge - at the eastern edge of the M25.

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its another area i've photographed over the years. the once busy cement factories have gone from the riverside at Stone, although there are still massive quarries being worked further inland. these pictures are again just notes on my digital camera while i was working with the panoramic.

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one of the disused quarries to the south of Greenhithe is now the vast Bluewater shopping complex. There is a kind of horrible fascination about these places.

in the kit of coloured wooden building blocks i played with as a kid, there were always some blocks with odd shapes it was hard to make anything with, shapes with rounded edges or unusual angles. these buildings sometimes seem to be made entirely of such blocks. Nothing is for real and everything a facade, but behind that little substance. They are full of people busy wandering, clutching bags. Clearly lost souls.
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its a relief to be back in London, and rather more down to earth scenes of waste disposal. who can resist the Thames and its bridges, even those unsafe for use.
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Office Building, Egham, Surrey 5 Feb 01

Wraysbury 17 Feb 01

flooding by the Thames, Wraysbury


King John's oak




City of London



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