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july 2001

i'd hoped to get to Genoa - had a hotel and flights booked, but then the airports got closed. after some frantic efforts to find other ways to get back her in time for work we had to cancel. but i did go up to Trafalgar Square to see off the double-decker that was leaving for G8 Genoa.
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george bush should now be pretty clear what the green party thinks of his climate policies and star wars madness
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the soho waiters' race is a curious affair which takes place every year as a part of the soho festival, the waiters carrying a tray with a glass and a bottle around the streets of soho. although it is a race, few of those taking part make a great effort to hurry, and it is more about taking part than winning.
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swan upping is an annual event, counting swans along the thames from sunbury to abingdon takes a week. the crown decided it was a good thing to claim the swans around the 12th century, so they could gorge themselves on them at banquets, they let some of their rich mates in the city have a share, but protected them from the people by severe penalties. swans are seldom eaten now, but upping continues to divide the thames birds between the crown, they dyers and the vintners.

george bush went to have lunch at buck palace and there were a few others there to wave as the limo sped away in a 29 car cavalcade.

respect is due to the TUC and the GLA for organising a grand event to celebrate our great cultural mix. the main activities at 'respect' are musical, with much dancing in the audience.
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a second demonstration against the US refusal to take serious action to cut down its massive emmisions of greenhouse gases, and also its activities in Colombia and other countries where it is misusing its military and industrial power.
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many of the demonstrators went on to protest at the Italian embassy over the killing of a peaceful protestor during the G8 demonstrations in Genoa.
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The bus about to leave Trafalgar Square for Genoa, 13 July 2001

Green party give a clear message to the US Embassy in Grosvenor Sq, 14 July 2001

the Soho Waiters' Race, 15 july 2001

Swan uppers at Laleham, 16 July 2001

Mr Bush visits the Palace, 19 july 2001

Dancers at Respect Festival, 21 July 2001

'President Bush' gets busted, July 28 2001

Demonstrators at Italian Embassy after a protestor is shot in Genoa, 28 July 2001


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