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january 2001

new years day starts with the annual westminster parade, one of these synthetic events i should hate, but i have to admit rather like.

its tacky and american, but some of the kids there are really great and its a big day for them, and sometimes there is a kind of crazy i like.

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mortlake in january is cold and pretty bleak, but a little winter sun at times helps
hidden in the roman catholic churchyard, down a driveway and through a small door to the left of the church is the tomb of sir richard burton, explorer and writer, carved like an arab tent, but more a fishtank as you climb the short ladder and gaze through thick glass to where he has now spent many more than 1001 nights with his wife
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wembley seemed worth another visit, if only for the decaying ruins of the palace of industry than the threatened towers of the stadium
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spelthorne, like the world is normally two thirds covered by water, but flooding has increased this. also has more traffic and pollution than anywhere in surrey, though I can't stop thinking of it as middlesex
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from richmond to isleworth on a fine sunny day. i swam here as a kid - no warning signs then, drank underage beer in the pub, was born a stone's throw away.
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hackney wick is a throwback to a different age - when we had industry and needed canals to ship goods, but parts are changing
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there are too many people and too many photographers at the chinese new year celebrations in soho, but somehow i keep on going
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The London Parade, Westminster, 1 Jan 01

the Burton tomb, Mortlake, 8 jan 01

wembley 13 jan 01

staines moor - flooding, 14 jan 01

Richmond Lock, 15 Jan 01

hackney wick, 25 jan 01

chinese new year, soho, 28 jan 01


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