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july 2000

july started with the pride parade, which was in some ways more muted than in previous years, perhaps because it is getting more organised and more commercial.
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BSL is 'spoken' by many deaf people, using their hands and other gestures with remarkable speed and animation - which actually makes them a challenge to photograph, as they are almost never still. the march was to demand recognition of BSL as a language, so that it can be used in schools and elsewhere.
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south london is fairly friendly during daylight hours, although catford at best is not my favourite area. i took some pictures as i walked through it on my way from a festival in a local park as well as of people at the event itself.

i don't have any great wish to appear naked in public. our climate seldom seems to be appropriate for nudity. however i don't have any problems with anyone who wants to display themselves. nudity is seldom particularly exciting or disturbing, and offers few surprises.

i've never understood why anyone should be frightened by 'indecent exposure', which at its worst seems ridiculous rather than threatening. perhaps if we had a healthier attitude to nudity it is an offence that would disappear.

there was certainly a fair deal of humour about the protest outside new scotland yard, although one or two of police did get a little worked up at times.

perhaps a lack of dress helped the protestors keep their cool.
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another jubilee2000 demonstration in trafalgar square called for the relief of debts
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i'm never quite sure what the TUC respect festival is really about, or what there is to photograph. some free music, lots of people from varied ethnic backgrounds, a cross-section of our multiracial city, cheapish beer, an odd selection of stalls...

quite a few other odd things were also going on in london.



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the Gay Pride march is always an interesting event to photography. Piccadilly, London more

deaf protestors campaign for the recognition of British Sign Language (BSL)  more

Man with mobile on south london street, Catford

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Campaigners strip for the right to be naked in public outside the Metropolitan Police HQ in London
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Another Jubilee 2000 drop the debt protest in Trafalgar Square.   more pictures

TUC Respect Festival in Finsbury Park     more pictures

Contrary indictions, Mayfair

Berkeley Square (perhaps a couple from the Berkeley Hunt), Mayfair, London

Coin Street Festival, Southwark, London

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