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J18 - Carnival Against Capitalism

City of London. 18th June 1999

 In Liverpool St station

 Music and painted faces give the Carnival Against Capitalism a true carnival air

 and people were drinking and dancing


 The station balcony is full of people watching



 The carnival moves off, lead by a very loud samba band

 A protester carrying a 'No Old Bill' roadsign shakes hands with a police officer -

 The carnival goes past the Bank of England and the Royal Exchange


 Cousin Lane



 Upper Thames St - and a woman in the protest holds a small baby

 People build a wall to block the London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange - where there
 suspiciously just happened to be a skip full of bricks.

 And someone opens up a fire hydrant and water sprays into the street and people play in it - the sign says 'TURN LEFT'








 The band plays and the singer wears a 'Brigade Rosse' t-shirt

 The samba crew are still around

 and a large game of monopoly is in process

 water floods the street and people dance in it

 THe wall grows higher - but there was a distinct lack of bricklaying skills. LIFFE along with the Bank of England,
the Stock Exchange and Lloyds was one of the 'four pillars' of the city. It later moved and became ICE Futures Europe.


 It was hot in the sun and some people stripped off




 I also photographed the event in colour (colour negative film) and the link below

 goes to a page of colour pictures

more colour pictures



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