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August 2018

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To Stockport & Bramhall Hall

Thu 2 Aug 2018

 The bus to Stockport goes down the A6 through Levenshulme

 McVities Stockport on the Wellington Rd (A6)

 Approaching Mersey Square

 Looking south from Mersey Square, Stockport

 Our bus waited here for ages, so I took quite a few pictures



 But eventually it moved off. We changed buses getting onto a single decker which took us eventually to Bramhall Green

 where we walked into the park and to Bramhall Hall

 which has an impressive garden frontage



 and some nice woodland, getting overgrown with Himalayne Balsam

 The other side of the house is also impressive

 The Solar has play tents for children

 and some recently uncovered medeival wall paintings on two sides

 You walk around the house, room after room, all with clear descriptions



 A fantastic plaster ceiling





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